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Social Security Disability/SSI


Social Security Disability includes claims for both Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits.  Getting Social Security to approve a disability claim, either SSDI or SSI, is very difficult and often takes more than one or two years.  There are many hoops to jump through when navigating the obstacle course that is Social Security Disability.  Although nothing prevents you from applying for benefits on your own without an attorney, your chances of success increase when you hire a competent and experienced attorney.  With combined experience exceeding twenty-five years, our attorneys know how to navigate Social Security Disability claims and how to navigate them well.   Although we can never guarantee a win, we can guarantee excellent representation and the experience needed to help you get approved.

We represent our Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI clients on a contingency basis.  That means if we do not get you approved for SSDI and/or SSI benefits, you don’t pay us any fees.  

Social Security Disability Insurance

Both SSDI and SSI are federal programs under the jurisdiction of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Unfortunately, it’s often confusing for people to figure out which benefits to apply for. When you schedule a free consultation at Hallinan & Killpack, we’ll review your situation and provide personalized guidance.

In general, you may qualify for SSDI benefits if you are disabled and you have a qualifying work history including five years’ worth of quarterly work credits (20 Credits) obtained within the last ten years before you became disabled. Our legal team will explore the nature of disability and whether it qualifies as a disability per Social Security regulations.  We also assist you in understanding work credits and whether you have sufficient credits to qualify for SSDI.

If we believe you are eligible for SSDI benefits, our legal team will vigorously advocate on your behalf. We will file the applications and/or appeals necessary to give you the best chance of obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled.

Supplemental Security Income

Unlike SSDI, eligibility for SSI is not based on your work history. Instead, this benefits program is intended to assist older individuals and disabled individuals of any age who have little to no income or resources and insufficient work history to qualify for SSDI.  The issue of qualifying disabling mental and/or physical limitations is the same for SSI as it is for SSDI.   However, if you meet the rules of medical disability, then SSI requires you to also show that you qualify financially for assistance.  SSI is a program similar to food stamps, AHCCCS, and Section 8 housing.  You must satisfy certain income and asset requirements to receive this special assistance.


At our law firm, we do things differently. As a local firm with deep roots in Tucson, we appreciate the many years of hard work that our clients have contributed to our community. We strive to provide personalized service in an impersonal world, and to simplify the legal process for our clients.

Many law firms that handle Social Security/disability cases focus on volume rather than quality.  Many also have a philosophy that there is little an attorney or representative can do to influence the outcome other than gathering medical records.  We believe our Clients deserve something different.  We thoroughly prepare every case at every stage, preparing targeted strategies so that our Clients have the best chance of success we can possibly deliver.  Our strategic solutions are based on our many years of experience handling these types of cases.   We are confident that this hard work has made the difference for our many valued Clients.  

We’re Here for You at Every Stage

From the moment you step into our office until long after you’ve begun receiving your benefits payments, our attorneys will be here for you. We will help you navigate this confusing landscape through every step of the process. We can even pick up your case if you’ve already applied for benefits. Regardless of what stage you’re in, our attorneys are accessible to you. 

We have represented thousands of Claimants in their applications for benefits at all stages of the process.  We do everything, including initial applications, requests for reconsideration, requests for hearing, attending hearings and appealing decisions to the Social Security appeals council.  We even handle U.S. District Court and 9th Circuit federal appeals against the Social Security Administration when the administration poorly handles a claim.  Most disability attorneys refuse to handle cases that are making their way to the U.S. District Court, but we never back down from a fight. Even if you’ve lost your disability benefits case with another lawyer, we encourage you to meet with us. We have a long track record of successfully helping clients with cases that other attorneys have lost.  We have your back and we don’t give up until we feel we have exhausted every viable avenue of success.

If you find yourself frustrated by the lengthy, complicated process of obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits, contact the legal team at Hallinan & Killpack. We understand how stressful this process can be, and we want you to know that we’ve got your back. Call our office in Tucson at (520) 320-5240 for personalized legal assistance you can count on.


Community Food Bank

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Tucson, AZ 85713
(520) 622-0525

Produce on Wheels

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Nogales, AZ 85621
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Gospel Rescue Mission

4550 S. Palo Verde Rd.
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United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

330 N. Commerce Park Loop
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OPCS: Opening Doors to Housing & Recovery

4501 E. 5th Street
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AHCCCS: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

801 E. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 417-4000

DES Nutrition, Cash & Medical Assistance

Find your local DES office:
1 (855) 432-7587

Vocational Rehabilitation

400 West Congress
Suite 420
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 628-6810

National Alliance on Mental Illness: Crisis Line

Crisis Response Center
2802 E. District St.
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